What Other's Are Saying


"Outstanding!  Great examples.  If one wasn't available, one was created.  Excellent."

Rodger Jacqmain
SAIC, Inc.
Bloomfield, IN 

"Scott was very knowledgable in Solid Edge and how it applies to industry."

Mitchell T. Zalesak
      Superior Wire & Metal Specialties
Genoa, OH

"Everything was beyond what I expected.  It was a good time and I learned a great deal about Solid Edge.  Not only did I get to learn how to do things, but I learned about how and why Solid Edge works the way it does."

Bobby Atkinson
                      Heatcraft, Inc.  Refrigeration Products
Danville, IL

"Scott Christensen's extensive knowledge, professionalism and "to the point" teaching style make him the perfect choice when taking your Solid Edge experience to the highest level.  Very thorough, very professional.  Observing his skills gave me hope for my own improvement"

Jack Rutan
Product Engineering Co.
Columbus, IN

"Scott took our specific problem and turned it into a training exercise, allowing us to use the surfacing techniques we will be required to use."

Gerry Kuhnke
Gamber Johnson
Stevens Point, WI

"Very well presented.  Diemaker background is very useful for teaching Solid Edge." 

Tommy Morgan
Anniston Army Depot
Anniston, AL

Solid edge training

Delivered with hands-on experience and knowledge.

Scott Christensen, of Summit's Edge, a division of Summit Tool Design, is an experienced journeyman tool and diemaker and designer. He has used Solid Edge in his own business since it was released and has over 20 years total experience with solid modeling software.

Scott is a certified Solid Edge Training Associate (SETA). He is qualified to help you implement the application of Solid Edge at your company in a clear, easy-to-understand, hands-on manner. Christensen can provide you with experienced and knowledgeable training to maximize the software's productivity for your business.

Summit's Edge offers you the following Solid Edge Training courses:

Solid Edge Synchronous Technology -  This class will explore the functionality and direct modeling workflows available with the Solid Edge Synchronous Technology command set. Class Details...

Solid Edge Fundamentals - The Solid Edge Fundamentals class will inform the novice user of the potential uses of production solid modeling and develops the skills and concepts central to the use of Solid Edge Traditional Workflows. Class Details...


Solid Edge Assembly - The Solid Edge Assembly class is intended for designers who will create assemblies from solid models using the advanced assmebly commands and techniques available in Solid Edge. Class Details... 

Solid Edge Surfacing - The Solid Edge Surfacing class teaches students how to build free form surfaces using the Solid Edge Surfacing commands, including Rapid Blue and related functionality. Class Details...

Solid Edge for Progressive Die Design - This course is for the progressive die designers in your company. Developed by Summit Tool Design, Solid Edge Progressive Die teaches the application of the Solid Edge command set with terminology familiar to the die designer. Class Details... 


  Summit's Edge can also tailor a class to your requirements

For more information about these courses or to plan a training session that will meet your specific needs, please contact us. You may also call us at the number listed below.