What Other's Are Saying

"I can personally tell you Scott is a great designer.  He has designed some tough jobs for us in the past."

Tom Busse
Vice President
Rockford Toolcraft, Inc. Rockford, IL 

"Scott has tremendous knowledge of Solid Edge and die design. He uses a very professional approach that makes it easy to learn the techniques and apply them to progressive die design.  I really enjoyed the class.  Scott gave us great tools and techniques to use for die design and made all of us very enthused about Solid Edge."

Tracy Rutan
Product Engineering Co.
Columbus, IN

Click Here to view a video of the simulated forming process for a progressive die.

  Click Here for more infomation about simulating the stamping process and available options. 


Summit Tool Design uses Solid Edge and other advanced software tools to completely model a progressive die and the stamping process. The enhanced capabilities that 3D modeling provides make it easier to optimize a progressive die design and analyze potential problems before the design is released to the shop. It is very time-consuming and costly to recover from an error in the shop. With 3D design it is easier to make sure those errors don't happen.

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Benefits of using Summit Tool Design for your sheet metal stamping dies:

  • Overall increase in project productivity.
  • Design simulation and virtual die tryouts indentify forming problems like splits, cracks and wrinkles.  More...  
  • Solve complex problems within the context of the virtual die assembly.
    • Comprehensive interference checking in various die positions
    • Check for feed  path obstructions
  • Improved quality and reliability to ensure accuracy of the data for “right the first time” design.
  • Better design visualization and interpretation with 2D/3D Plan Views and Detail Drawings.
  • Surface/Solid and Wireframe geometry ready for multi-axis NC programming.

Summit Tool Design provides premium quality service and tool designs in a timely fashion for a broad spectrum of products across a range of industries including automotive, off-road machinery & equipment, heavy truck, hardware, furniture, electrical, electronics and power tool.

Summit Tool Design's specialty is Progressive Dies.  We also have extensive experience with transfer dies, draw dies, line dies, secondary dies, fixtures and 3D part modeling.  

Scott Christensen founded Summit Tool Design in 1991. Christensen has more than 30 years of experience as a certified journeyman tool and diemaker and designer, providing a solid background for understanding and meeting the design and manufacturing requirements of each client.


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